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Welcome To The New Standard In Men's Sweat Shorts - FUNCTION Sweat Shorts by LiveSore are now here!

These incredibly versatile Function sweat shorts are the ultimate in comfort, fit, fashion, and style!  Quite simply, these are absolutely incredible sweat shorts that fit like a boss, look amazing, and feel absolutely fantastic.

Our Function Sweat Shorts are a "true to size" fit and designed to be a bit looser, roomier, and flowing for the ultimate in comfort..the way sweat shorts should be!

Truly, these amazing FUNCTION Sweat Shorts are ideal for the gym, running, yoga, xfit, tennis, soccer, hiking, in the pool, a day at the beach, and are versatile enough to then head out for lunch/dinner/drinks.  Of course the moment you put them on you'll never want to take them off, you'll find yourself wearing them daily!

Color:  White  with Black Solid Stripe along Sides, Light Gray with Black Solid Stripes along sides, Charcoal Gray with Black Solid Stripe along Sides

Material: Ultra comfy "terry" construction with 80% cotton 20% polyester 

Sizing Notes:  Sizing is true to size, flowing, and comfy.  Our owner LOVES these, he's 6'1" 230lb and says the XL are an incredible fit for his size, not at all tight, but just right!

Function Sweat Shorts
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