Flossing or Muscle Flossing is using a band to wrap around a problematic joint for intermittent compression during passive or active mobilization. The main purpose of this is to restore the range of motion in problematic joints, for decreasing pain and also for speeding up recovery. It works by increasing blood flow to restricted areas and compressing swollen stiff joints that lack motion, helping to break down scar tissue and separate matted down or injured tissue.

It is easy to use, you can use them as part of your warm-up or mobility and rehab/prehab session:

To Increase Mobility - tightly wrap the joint or area of concern. Now work it through a full range of motion (ROM), the friction between muscle fibers helps break up scar tissue and lactic acid. You should only do this for a maximum of two minutes.

For injury recovery and swollen areas - wrap the band about half as tight as you would when you use it to increase mobility. Work it through a gentle ROM (if you can depending on you injury). Now un-wrap and release the band. You will get a rush of blood washing through the muscle. This will help to bring fresh nutrients for growth and healing. You will also flush out what you broke down and promote lymphatic drainage.

Used for

  • Restoring sliding surfaces
  • Releasing myofascial trigger points
  • Removing scar tissue
  • Reducing inflammation/swelling in joints
  • Improving range of motion where there is restriction or contraction


  • Sold as a Single Unit
  • High Quality Latex Construction
  • 2100mm Length, 50mm Width, 1.5mm Thickness
  • 12 Month Warranty

Please Note

Consult a medical professional regarding any injuries prior to use.

Wrap from the top down to leave the loose end near the bottom. If you have the loose end at the top and then the top rolls down over the end this can cover the loose end making it impossible to unravel and you have to cut it off.

Take your floss band off immediately if you experience the following:

  • If your skin turns ghostly white, or when you touch the skin and the colour doesn’t return
  • You begin to feel numbness or pins-and-needles
  • You suddenly feel claustrophobic
Cerberus Muscle Floss Bands

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